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Weekend Update

Oct 10, 2005


It’s late and I still feel like I’m coming off of my "weekend high" that those of us in ministry tend to experience after a big weekend.  This weekend I continued our 5th talk in our "Desperate Households" series.  I hit a topic that I don’t think we have ever dedicated an entire weekend to – blended families.   

At one point in our services I asked people to raise their hand if they were either from a blended family background or are currently in a blended family – and the response was exactly what I would have guessed – probably at least 50% of our church community either comes from or is in a blended family situation.  And so, because of the unique challenges that blended families face, they more than deserved some heavy attention this past weekend!

To help make the message stick, we had some fun creative elements in our services.  At the beginning of my message I "realized" that I had forgotten something very important and much needed for my talk, so I told everyone to just hang tight and that I would be right back. 

As fast I could I booked off the stage and out a side door where a camera tracked with me as I hopped in a car and drove to Starbucks near our church.  I ran into Starbucks, grabbed one of the baristas and got back in the car and drove back to the church where this barista (Jill) and I ran back into the service live.  It was a blast!  I felt like David Letterman!  (Of course, it wasn’t all really "live", but it seemed like it and a lot of people thought it was!)

So to intro my message, Jill and I had a Frappuccino "blend-off" to see who could make the best tasting Frappuccino.  Hers was made with all Starbucks ingredients, mine was made with "Scott Hodge" ingredients.  Needless to say – after giving a few people a taste test, Jill won.  I was shocked.  :)

Anyway….I used this as an illustration to show how vital it is that our blended families contain God’s perfect ingredients so that they can become WELL blended. 

I have to say a HUGE thanks to our production team, creative team and content team for their help in putting all of this together!  It was an awesome weekend and one that definitely impacted many families.  The feedback and responses have been great!

And then…to top it all off, I ended my Sunday by teaching our Orchard 101 class where I had the exciting privilege of connecting with a bunch of newcomers excited about learning more about The Orchard.

9 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Dude, that is such an awesome illustration! Mind if I swipe it for our students??

  2. What a great idea. You are really using the AV equipment to the fullest limit. Very creative.

  3. Lori Bailey says:

    I agree with a comment in an earlier post – you need to podcast this message! C’mon, everybody’s doing it! ;)

  4. Awesome dude! One of the greatest projects I did in college did the same thing with video, tracking two students arriving late for our presentation. One guy even came through the window of our classroom on the second story–it was timed so perfectly we had people looking out the window for the cameras thinking we had actually managed to pull off live video.
    We got a 100.
    And yes. Please podcast bro!

  5. Rachel says:

    Now that’s a video I would like to see, care to share?

  6. muel says:

    sorry i might be missing something here. i was wondering what a blended family is?

  7. kate says:

    Very cool idea

  8. Kathryn Egly says:

    It was a GREAT message Sunday!!!
    I am from a blended family and I think everyone in or from a blended family needs to download this and listen to it! Go to
    Sam, A blended family is a family that blends step-parents or step-children.

  9. Scott,
    Quit having so much fun :)
    Love the concept! Thanks for sharing it!
    I’m thinking about running off the stage and running to the bathroom. But I’m not sure what my point is yet :)

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