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Welcome to Miami!

Jul 26, 2008

Wow, what a whirlwind these past couple of days have been!  All good, but crazy… 

I’m in Miami this weekend speaking at four weekend services at Flamingo Road Church.  Flew in yesterday, spent all evening preparing and wrapping up my talk.  Woke up this morning and spent most of the day shooting video on the beach for The Orchard…  Spoke tonight and will again tomorrow three more times. 

A few thoughts rolling around my noggin’:

  • Flamingo Road Church is quite a place!  These guys have really rolled out the red carpet for me and have done a tremendous job making me feel at home.  And then some!  Thank you for everything Flamingo team!
  • Tonight’s talk will be broadcast via video to four campuses (including Lima, Peru!) tomorrow and was also broadcast live on the Internet campus where I was told, after the service, that over 11 countries were participating.  That blows my mind!
  • I’m being stretched by my experience here.  More on this later.  Maybe….  :)  
  • Glad to be traveling with a great personal and ministry friend, Jamey Johnson.  Jamey and I met in college and have been close friends ever since. 
  • I missed being at The Orchard this weekend!  It was cool praying with Chris Bell tonight over iChat before both of us went on to teach.  Me in Miami and Chris in Aurora.
  • Looking forward to enjoying a few days here in Miami to connect with some ministry friends, do a lot of reading, maybe some deep sea fishing, and dream BIG dreams!

There’s more, but I’m seriously falling asleep as I type this so I better go. 

G’nite friends.

6 Responses to “Welcome to Miami!”

  1. Scott,
    Welcome to Miami…greatest town on the planet. Flamingo Road is a great church. Troy, Raul, Matt, and Heredes are super. Have a great Sunday.

  2. HEATHER says:

    Thanks for representin’ Chicago, man! I was honored to sit under your teaching for 4 services…learned something every time.

  3. allen says:

    It was a blast having you here this wknd Scott. God really used you in a cool way. It was great to get some hang time with you and Jamey.

  4. Scott- That’s cool to see that two Scott’s got the opportunity to experience Flamingo during the series. I am still bragging on their hospitality and my overall experience in South Florida.
    Flamingo is off the Hook!
    Tell my man Jamey that I said what’s up!

  5. Paul Stewart says:

    Great sermon yesterday my friend! I attended the 11am service on the internet campus. Wish I could have seen “custom rust stripe” on your old car… hilarious!

  6. Brian Vasil says:

    It was great to have you down here…your message was amazing! Blessings to you at the Orchard…
    Feel free to drop by the Internet Campus anytime!

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