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What are they saying?

Apr 18, 2006

So these past couple of days I’ve been wondering what people have been telling their friends, co-workers and family about their "Orchard Experience" this past weekend…

I HOPE that they are raving about it in the same way that Paul Williams over at Idea Sandbox is raving about his weekend experience at a restaurant in Seattle.


(BTW…Easter report coming soon!)

2 Responses to “What are they saying?”

  1. Jason Breda says:

    Canlis is an amazing restaurant with an amazing view. I have been there a couple of times and it is by far one of the best.
    I also have a funny story I have to tell about my great aunts who went there…call me and I’ll give you the story.

  2. Scott – thanks for the link.
    What’d you think of “Change the Way You See Everything”?
    I told you if you didn’t like it, I’d pay for the cost of your copy.

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