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What are you learning about leadership RIGHT NOW?

Jun 6, 2008


Don't think too hard about it… 

Just real quick – leave a comment sharing what you are learning RIGHT NOW about leadership.

I'm talking REAL LIFE – RAW – UNEDITED.  Not what you're learning about from a BOOK… 

What are you learning RIGHT NOW about leadership where you're at. 

ANY TYPE of leadership!  Home, school, church, business, family, WHATEVER!

Let's SHARE and LEARN from each other.


68 Responses to “What are you learning about leadership RIGHT NOW?”

  1. chuck harris says:

    i’m learning that if the leadership from the top is not visionary and effective, that channels down to the rest of the chain. Also that leadership needs to be authentic. You can’t expect people to follow just because you have a title!!

  2. Macker says:

    I’m learning that leaders are made, not born. but some (few) get it more than others (many).

  3. tony sheng says:

    that motivating high school students requires more than just giving information and can be really difficult tough work – but when they get it – watch out.
    and that when their parents get it too, just get out of the way…

  4. Chris Marlow says:

    If you don’t train your leaders right-it will cause massive growing pains for the church and a lot of extra work for the pastors.
    Therefore, I’ve got to do a better job of leading my leaders. So I’m asking these types of questions:
    1. Am I being clear.
    2. Am I mentoring them first-then empower them second to do ministry.
    3. Are they broken for God and the mission of the Church not just our little church.

  5. Leaders can never give up on those that they lead. Leading someone halfway to the goal is abandonment!

  6. Brandon Hester says:

    Life is about towels not titles. Am I truly willing to serve others and wash their feet, or do I get to a point where I think I’m to big for that. My heart says serve, but sometimes my actions say other things.

  7. That it’s easy to be lame at it, and hard to not be lame at it.
    Hey, you said to not think too hard about it… :)

  8. randy bohlender says:

    That pursuit of consensus signals the death of vision.

  9. Jennifer Bell says:

    This may sound obvious and it’s something I’ve known for awhile but it’s really stuck out in my mind lately.
    A great leader cannot expect those he/she leads to exhibit traits and qualities that they are not first displaying through their own actions.
    A great leader ALWAYS supports those they lead and those that they lead know without a shadow of a doubt that their leader believes in them, has their back, and fully trusts them. You cannot do your job to the best of your ability when those above you are not fully confident of your ability to do your job.

  10. John Baw says:

    One of the HARDEST things for me to do is find the medium and the occasion to cast vision and direction for our church. I’m learning that communication is hard, it is critical, and the rewards are priceless.

  11. Stosh says:

    Good question Scott…
    Lots of things based on our recent move–scouting the territory and making sure I circle back to connect with constituents, for example.

  12. Matt P. says:

    vision must be communicated with clarity or people will decide what the vision is for themselves, amidst the confusion.

  13. Eric says:

    that you can not assume a position of leadership – that you must be placed there.

  14. Brad Gross says:

    I’m learning the most about Mercy and being merciful with the leaders that I’m responsible for. I’ve learned people just need more understanding and that mercy can really open the door for teaching & correcting, or more importantly, forgiveness.

  15. encourage encourage encourage
    give grace & then
    encourage encourage encourage
    & keep giving grace

  16. I’m learning that I can’t make everyone happy and, in fact, that making people happy isn’t my job. My job is to lead them to Jesus. And along the same lines that having a big enough back door for the disgruntled to get out of isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’d rather have them out and keep the rest of the body clean and free from contamination.

  17. John Scott says:

    I can even learn on my day off!

  18. Big Chris says:

    In my context, I’m finding that I need to get my 30′s and 40′s men into leadership positions. Older men are doing it, the ladies are pulling their weight, but I think we need to transition to a younger group to restore vitality to the church. This isn’t abandoning the wisdom of the older group, just mixing in some new guy too!
    Chris Meirose

  19. Chris Reeder says:

    Do more listening than speaking…
    Chris Reeder

  20. Greg Allen says:

    I’m learning that as a leader, my first responsibility is to follow consistently.

  21. Brian says:

    I’m learning more and more that leadership is much more a lifestyle than a job title; its what you do not what people call you that really makes you a leader.

  22. Jason Gordon says:

    Developing as a leader can’t happen in a vacuum. I need a mentor. Any thoughts?

  23. malcolm says:

    It’s messy!

  24. bob robbins says:

    I seem to be reminded that there is so much that I don’t know.

  25. bob robbins says:

    I am being reminded that there is so much that I don’t know.

  26. M@ says:

    i need to invest even more time to develop leaders

  27. david says:

    sometimes leadership means seeing where the pack is headed and getting out front…

  28. Ted says:

    A test of one’s leadership is not how well one leads when they are in charge, but how well one serves when they are NOT in charge.

  29. Tory says:

    The biggest thing about leadership I am finding is that you lead out of who and what you are. If you are not growing then whatever you are involved in will not be growing. If you are in conflict in many areas of your life then the thing you are responsible for will be in conflict.
    Great leadership comes out of you first and then flows out. We can go to conferences and get methodology but what works for one leader works because it is flowing out of there essence. Often people think that if they can just find out what works then they can get the results that others are experiencing.
    What are you made of? How are you growing deeper and is their a positive flow or negative flow out of you. If you are not growing? Don’t focus on the outside first focus on the inside of you!
    Im in the middle of a self growth season… who knew that th church would grow because of it:)

  30. Paul Urban says:

    That the more leadership I gain, the less I seem to know about it . . . That it won’t be fast and that it won’t be easy.

  31. Morehart says:

    Leadership takes place the moment you get out of bed!

  32. Tim says:

    When you know you are supposed to do something, just do it… don’t ask for other people’s opinion or feedback. Sometimes it’s best to just tell people what needs to be done!

  33. Interesting Thoughts says:

    What am I learning about leadership?
    It’s personal.
    It’s hard.
    It’s a commitment.
    Some don’t get it.
    Some think concepts.
    Some miss the point.
    What can I say, but that leadership is everything but
    can lead to nothing.

  34. Nothing can take the place of leading out of time spent in prayer, fasting, and seeking God’s unique direction for you.
    No copy and paste…just listen to God and obey….sure you use other leadership tools and learn best practices, but real vision comes from God.

  35. Joy Spencer says:

    It amazes me what a phone call, post card, voice mail, a written note can do to encourage a team member. As leaders, we need to show appreciation in little ways….often.
    (E-mails don’t seem to have the personal touch.)

  36. michael says:

    when there are a room full of leaders, there will often be lots of different opinions, but it’s the job of the senior leader to hear mostly from God.

  37. Its harder than I thought!

  38. Leadership takes vision and desire that is both selfless and beyond self.

  39. Jim Henry says:

    That it’s one seriously tough calling…but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  40. shane says:

    I’m learning that even if there is frustration with the leadership you are under…God is working and using it grow you and make you better

  41. Chris says:

    leadership always costs us something.

  42. I’m learning that I can’t do it all. We have come thru a major transition and in this new role I have delegate what I would normally do so that I can do what I came here to do. If that makes sense. For the first time ever it feels good to let the other stuff drop.

  43. Rob says:

    You’ve got to earn people’s trust before you can lead change.
    If you can help people to change their attitude about change, then you can change just about anything within the organization.
    Every week spent in training leaders (prior to a launch–whether small groups or a church plant or replant) will save you countless sleepless nights and problems down the road.

  44. Jason Curlee says:

    As a leader we must be aware at all times.

  45. Steven Gibbs says:

    As with Joshua, be CAREFUL to do the small things God tells you to do.

  46. I keep learning that it’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to lead young women (or older women for that matter) who don’t seem to respect and honor their own husbands. The two issues seem to go hand in hand for some reason.

  47. Don’t fall into “Group Think,” quit caring what people think and “Do You!”

  48. jay hardwick says:

    great stuff scott and commenters…
    a couple of lessons that have been recurring in me the last couple of weeks:
    my number one calling is to “remain” or “abide” in Jesus and delight in His word above any book, conference, blog, or podcast. the branch has zero capability to produce fruit when it is disconnected from the vine.
    if i am not following, then i am not leading…if i am not reproducing, then i am not doing either one. it’s impossible to follow Jesus and lead a reproducing movement without being intentional about personally making disciples.

  49. Johnny says:

    Great leaders love those they lead. I am seeing ordinary “unschooled” people with extra-ordinary love and passion be used by God and becoming amazing leaders. Those they love will walk through fire for their leader. Great leaders have great followers. Hmmm… LOVE… Not really a new concept… I’m a slow learner.

  50. Rob Edwards says:

    That you’ve got to build up people’s trust before you can lead them to embrace change.

  51. That college students are nomadic… transient even, and Pastoring them requires more commitment, authenticity, and honesty than it does flash, sound, and lights.

  52. Sunny says:

    ministry leaders have to know that they are called in order to keep going…because it is tough, and lonely at times.!

  53. Joni says:

    I must be consistent. Confident in my mission. Able to act without swaying to resistance…or my kids will walk all over me, they will not learn the lesson at hand, and they will not trust me to make the correct decision next time.

  54. Kim Martinez says:

    I was reminded this week to not pigeonhole people by their personality or abilities. That when I’ve been mentoring, sometimes people are ready to go to the next level, and I need to give them the opportunity. God is growing people, and sometimes, they/He can surprise us.

  55. Leadership is…CHUCK NORRIS!

  56. kathryn says:

    Investing time into the 20% of volunteers who do 80% of the work.

  57. Geo says:

    Leaders don’t micro manage! A leader will be in tune with the front line guys. That’s where some of the best ideas come from.

  58. terry timm says:

    stop talking – start doing…
    saw that one in practice by a 20 year old by the name of sidney crosby

  59. Pastor James says:

    I’m learning that to be a good leader, you need to be able to train and equip those who are leaders under you. Get training, books, blogs, and articles into their hands that will help them. It will mean the world to them that you care enough to help them perfect their craft.

  60. Leadership is complex, ever increasingly complex

  61. Rob says:

    That motivating and encouraging others to lead is just as important as traditional leadership (being in charge of something).

  62. Florin Paladie says:

    You are a leader if:
    1. You have a vision of what is not, and MUST be
    2. You can move people from where they are to where they MUST be

  63. DisneyCyndi says:

    That its just plain hard work!

  64. Nathan Camp says:

    I’m learning that to under estimate the thrill factor in ministry…the moral of the heart of you and your team…costs a lot!

  65. heather e. says:

    *Communication and follow through.
    *Listening to others input and giving them a chance to explain their ideas. (I’m referring to creativity.)
    *Being quick to forgive.
    *Admitting a mistake and learning from it to move towards change.
    *Bringing out the best in people even when others don’t believe in them. Giving ppl a chance to grow.

  66. Jesse says:

    I’m learning that leadership begins with leading myself. If I can do that effectively, then my ability to lead others will be holistic.

  67. paul says:

    That I don’t need to be the smartest person in the room!

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