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What happened to Andy?

Apr 24, 2008
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A bunch of you have been emailing me about the video interview we did with Andy Stanley at Exponential and asking why it has not yet been posted. 

Here’s the deal…  While Andy was extremely gracious and more than happy to sit down and talk with us, he was not aware that the video was being broadcasted LIVE across the internet at the time of the conversation.  HAD he known that, there is one subject he discussed that he probably would’ve avoided speaking as specifically about as he did (i.e. overseas missions where Christians are being severely persecuted for practicing their faith.)

So….we are going to send the folks at Northpoint the video first to let them go through it and cut out any names or information that could put people at risk.  As soon as we get it back we’ll post it!

Hope that helps!

Now please, stop emailing me about Andy’s video.  Sorry Terri (my assistant…)!!  Thank you!

PS – Hope this explanation was helpful.  Andy, if you read this and want to chime in, comment, or clarify at all, please feel free to do so!  And thanks again for the interview!

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