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What Is Your Boat?

Jul 3, 2007


Saw this bumper sticker today and it brought me back to my talk from this past weekend.  (It’s the first week of our new summer series, "Rockin’ The Orchard" where we are taking the next six weeks to journey through six decades of rock-n-roll, starting with the 50′s through the 00′s.

For this first weekend, I kicked the series off with a talk based on the song, "Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry.  Talked about how all of us can relate to Johnny because A.) We ALL have issues that work against us and B.) We ALL have tremendous potential to truly impact and change the world. 

The difference between those who actually DO truly impact the world and those who don’t?  It’s the difference between COMFORT and COURAGE – as illustrated in the story of Peter stepping out of his boat (comfort) and into the water (courage) with Jesus. 

Anyway…  This bumper sticker got me thinking about how likely it is that the reason most people live their entire lives never stepping out of their place of comfort is because we often times have this wrong idea that we actually have to "be perfect" in order to walk on the water.  So instead of listening and obeying NOW, we wait.  And wait.  And wait……until……we are perfect.  Which is a real problem.  Especially considering that it’s NEVER going to happen! 

I’m so thankful for people like Peter in the Bible.  A man who was far from perfect, but who had the courage to break out of his comfortable spot in the boat and follow his master on the water.

So I’ll pose the question I threw out to our community on Sunday…


5 Responses to “What Is Your Boat?”

  1. anne jackson says:

    it sounds odd, but i take comfort in my fear and insecurity. typed out that really doesn’t make a lot of sense…

  2. I’ve gotten to the place in life where I didn’t come to just “rock the boat” but to sink it! I’m done with playing it safe, being comfortable or popular. Let’s go for it.

  3. Scott says:

    Most of the time its the failure to fully trust God’s vision. If I did, I wouldn’t be afraid to step out of the boat.
    In retrospect, those times I have stepped out of the boat have been the most amazing and rewarding in my life.

  4. Joni says:

    I don’t mind stepping out of the boat as long as I’m on a sandbar at the time. I’m better at “sort-of” risks than real risks. My most recent risk is being myself and being ok with discovering the flaws at the same time the general public does. Ick. Because prior to this, I had none.

  5. Perfected or believing?

    I saw this bumper sticker on Scott Hodge’s blog (HT: Jeff Leake) and he has an excellent post on the difference between comfort and courage.
    But it also got me thinking along another, albeit…

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