Scott Hodge


What my Friday looks like….

Oct 3, 2008


How about yours?

5 Responses to “What my Friday looks like….”

  1. kenny says:

    About the same… :)

  2. hey I was wondering if we could use this pic as a promotional piece for the Related Leaders conference. This is awesome. Excited about you coming.

  3. Kyle says:

    Yours looks pretty good! Mine was similar, except I don’t have children. I did complete a project I’m quite proud of (its posted now) and won the first round of troubleshooting (me 1: gear: 0, but it’s early…) And celebrated by sleeping in! Yay.

  4. David Anasco says:

    My Tuesdays are similar, Chris homeschools in the morning, then she goes into the Sonshine Center after lunch to work with the preschool. I spend Tuesday morning with Danny watching Monday Night Football (remember in Asia we are twelve hours ahead of the East Coast), then I usually take all three kids to the pool after lunch. I get to do some work during Danny’s nap. Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week.

  5. Did someone say, “CONE HEADS”! LOL! Friday…all night prayer meeting tonight(9PM – 2AM) Scott, quit laughing!!!

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