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What. Then How.

Jan 5, 2006

"What would you do if money and resources wasn’t an issue?" 

I’ve heard that question before and have even been challenged by others to ask it of myself.  It

7 Responses to “What. Then How.”

  1. Great post, Scott. I like it!
    Somewhat related, if you haven’t seen them already, I bet you’d get a kick out of Tom Peters To 41 quotations (pdf), which he called his “spurs to rumination.”

  2. Chris says:

    WOW! Much needed, much needed…

  3. Brian Bowen says:

    I couldn’t agree more. When I was pastoring a SMALL church in a small town in the middle of no where Georgia we had to begin with a vision. I mean… financially… the only way we had enough to pay my small salary was because I tithed from my other job. In the beginning of the vision it seemed people always responded with “we could never do that. We just don’t have the financial resources”
    But I can honestly say, money was never the obstacle, it was usually people. Another thing I have discovered as you begin to move into this life. Well, you actually begin to believe anything is possible!! So your vision expands… but then… you have to WAIT… and that, well thats the part that sucks. Having to develop the patience to wait for Gods timing on the vision and Gods resources.
    I’m sitting in the middle of a vision as I type this… part waiting… part doing… moving forward one step at a time.

  4. Jim Walton says:

    Great thoughts, Scott! You are hitting me right between the eyes, today I was thinking I would do if I had more money, more resources. Like God’s leading is not enough. I’m with you, I love your final statement.

  5. Elmer says:

    I thought about this post alot. And I came up with the conclusion that vision, dreams, ideas cost nothing and demand no resources. Money only buys you material things that bring temporary happiness. Dont get me wrong. It is fun to buy what you want but it doesnt matter what you have but who you are that counts. People won’t remember you by what you own but what you have done to affect their lives. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that count the most.

  6. Scott.
    What an irratating post. The best ones always are.
    When I look back over the nearly 17 years Kels and I have been married & in ministry (17 years!?! yikes!) I realize that the times that I would quickly identify as the best of times were the times we were in way over our head.
    I think it’s way more than just a good leadership principle – it’s a kingdom thing. Take a look at who He left to organize the church. Ministry is meant to be audacious (go into all the world? did He say all?!?!) and somewhat inefficient (give all that you have and follow me). Reason and efficency have sucked the life out of us while leaving our budgest lean (and very mean).
    Thanks for reminding us that we’re wired to be in over our heads.

  7. Scott, this was an AWESOME post! It correlates a lot with what God has been speaking to me lately. It also relates a lot to what I have been realing in Pastor Joel Osteen’s book “Your Best Life Now.” If you haven’t read this book, I would highly suggest it. It has helped to take my faith up a level and move me forward.
    Remember, if God gives you the dream or vision, it is His deal and He will make a way for it to come to pass no matter what the circumstances look like!!

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