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What Would YOU Ask?

Aug 12, 2010

So this weekend we are doing our 2nd ever TXT weekend at The Orchard. Here’s the 411:

This is going to be an “Ask Scott Anything” format. “Anything” meaning ANYTHING – Bible, Leadership, God, Church, Personal life, etc…

I’ve always loved these types of formats….but perhaps you can help me mentally prepare a little bit.

What would YOU ask if you were going to be at The Orchard this weekend?

Comment away!

14 Responses to “What Would YOU Ask?”

  1. @KerryBural says:

    What role should creativity play in the church?

  2. Julia says:

    Why is it relationship with Jesus and not a relationship with God?

  3. Randy Brockton says:

    What is the ultimate goal for a Jesus follower? If I were a follower of Deepak Chopra, my goal would be to learn how to find fulfillment. If I followed Warren Buffet, my goal would be to learn how to acquire wealth? What is my goal in following Jesus?

  4. Randy Brockton says:

    Clarification… delete the ? mark and replace with a period on the Warren Buffett line. Grammar isn’t polished at 4 something am. Anyway, hope you use my question, cause I really want to know the answer. Thanks.

  5. Tammy Helfrich says:

    Since I will be there, you will have to wait and be surprised…… :)

  6. Doug says:

    What sort of product do you use in your hair to keep it spiky?

  7. Scott Hodge says:

    Oh…so you’re THAT guy?!

  8. Jeff says:

    Can I borrow $50?

  9. pam says:

    If we are all going to heaven because Jesus died for our sins……what happens to murderers/criminals? what is the incentive if everyone gets a “free pass”? (BTW….not that I need one! : – 0 )

  10. Kevin Hoogeveen says:

    Why does your picture on your website (you sitting on couch) make you look like you want to kill me?

  11. Aideen says:

    If a person’s current circumstances “require” them to encounter someone who has deeply cut the other, and has too been cut, but in different ways…and one has forgiven the other as well as forgiven themselves (and of course, asked God’s forgiveness), yet the other refuses to forgive or to even accept apology and remorse from the other…

    *Did I confuse you? ;)

  12. Cindy says:

    Hey – Where does The Orchard stand on women being leading pastors? When you are hiring for a pastoral role, or now a creative arts director, do you get women applicants and consider them?

  13. Adam Stark says:

    If our proximity to God is determined by faith, and our proximity to others in institutionalized religion is often determined by where we fall on the grid of Christology, why people gravitate towards wearing their grid coordinates instead of their faith? Is there a center of the grid?

  14. Lisa says:

    What is the best way to deal with a spouse that says they do not believe in God and does not go to church? What do you say to the children that ask why Dad doesn’t go to church?

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