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What’s Your Stand?

May 6, 2008

It’s official.  The last couple of Mac stragglers on our staff (kidding guys…) have now transitioned from PC to Mac.  Now we’re looking for a good notebook "stand" solution for those of us who use their notebooks as their main office computer.

Here’s a few we’re looking at:
Griffin Curve 2
Griffin iCurve



Any suggestions?  What do you use? 

20 Responses to “What’s Your Stand?”

  1. David Foster says:

    I’d go with the griffin curve 2

  2. kenny says:

    I like the griffin curve2 for aesthetic reasons.

  3. A friend gave me an iCurve for my birthday in February and I love it. I haven’t looked at the others, but I would’ve made one change to the design: connectivity.
    I would’ve created it so that the power supply, USB, and FireWire was integrated. When I place my laptop on the iCurve, I have to hook up the umbilicals like a doctor on a car-wreck victim. If the unit were active, there would be less to connect. If the iCurve itself was a USB hub, even greater.
    The iCurve has a simplistic beauty, however. I love the gift.

  4. David Wegley says:

    I’ve used the iCurve before and it was ok. The iCurve 2 looks nice though. Never used the iLevel. The one I’m using now with my 15″ Macbook Pro is the Podiumpad. It’s very adjustable and it swivels. You can check it out here:

  5. I use the griffin curve 2 and it works really great. I know this will sound cheesy, but I noticed Walmart is now selling some computer stands that look like they would work well and they are much cheaper. I still like my griffin.

  6. btw you could ask the guys at the apple store but I asked what those cool laptop stands they use that go under the desk and pull out on a swivel and they weren’t anything special, they were some specific brand- I think I ‘d like one of those!

  7. Tiffani Barnes says:

    I have the iCurve and love it though I gotta say I’m digging the look of the iLevel.

  8. Isaiah says:

    I use a plastic paper holder modified via dremel to allow my Macbook to sit on it.
    I have two and the Macbook sits perfectly on the top one, once the back is removed. Works great and only costs at most $6.
    (the one in the url is for a4 paper, and probably would work for a Macbook Pro 15″)

  9. Justin says:

    I’ve rollin’ with the iCurve, which I love. Other co-workers are using the Curve2.
    They make me sick. So snobby.

  10. Tim Lemons says:

    Just got the Griffin Curve 2 1 hour ago. The standard here where I work. I like it so far!

  11. Nick says:

    Click the picture, it gives you an animation of what it does.

  12. metromom says:

    I’m smiling (not in a condemning way though) that the resurrection post got 1 comment and the mac post (in about an hour or two) got 11. :)
    Guess which post I’m commenting on. :)
    The Passion of the MAC.

  13. I don’t use a stand, but sit mine under a 22″ monitor and use a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. I never have to open the Macbook.

  14. jason breda says:

    DUDE!!!!! GET THE mSTAND by Rain Design…I have one and it looks great and is stable…some others I looked at at SO FLIMSY!!! This thing is designed well out of 1 piece of aluminum and the angle is perfect….

  15. Mike Jones says:

    Rock on! Macs are taking over.
    Represent the MacBook Pro.

  16. Ben Arment says:

    Miss your blogging Scott!

  17. Ben says:

    The iLevel is significantly more expensive than the other two. If I’m sitting 2 feet away I can’t see a 2 inch adjustable height being worth paying twice as much for it. +Plus, similar to the “behind” stash for keyboard, you can store it “under” either of the curve models – that seems like they would be more accessible.

  18. Eric Kieb says:

    mStand Laptop stand by Rain Design. Find it here:
    A little more pricy but MUCH sturdier.

  19. Gary Kimball says:

    A better laptop stand is the new Cricket Laptop Stand. What makes this special is that it’s the first stand for laptops that’s both portable and fully adjustable.
    It is adjustable to safely accommodate any screen size and preferred screen height, and also allows air to circulate and heat to dissipate. It can go anywhere with a laptop—folding to fit in a pocket or computer bag.
    Check it out at

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