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Who the heck are you?

Mar 12, 2007

3/12/07 – Ok, let’s keep this going…  So far 178 of you have responded to this.  Who else is out there that hasn’t signed my informal blogging "guest book"??? 

11/17/06 – I know there are a bunch of new people reading.  Who are you?  Join the other 141 really NEAT people who signed my informal "guestbook"…  C’mon, don’t be afraid.

DANG…this has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!  So far, 115 people have responded and shared a little about themselves!  Japan, England, Australia, Northern Ireland, Canada, New Zealand,  California (you guys are sort of like your own country…)

You have no idea how encouraging this has been!  Just one big WOW!

BUT STILL…  This doesn’t even account for even a third of the unique visitors reading every day. So c’mon!  Sign the guestbook!  Click COMMENTS and tell us about yourself! 

(BTW – I have heard of some very great networking going on because of this post…



Ok, I need everyone’s help with this because I’m finding myself intrigued by how many people are visiting my blog on a regular basis.  You people are from all over the world!! 

I’m dying to know who you are and where you’re from. 

So please, do me a favor.  Leave a comment with your name and where you’re from. 

C’mon, humor me!  I am really interested! 

227 Responses to “Who the heck are you?”

  1. Thanks for your comment (the first) on my new blog. My family lives in Gurnee, IL, and I also lived there for a while so it’s where I go home to. (The) Chicago (area). Now I’m in Niigata City, Japan, which is on the west coast of the main island of Japan, about 2 and half hours from Tokyo by train.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Scott!
    I’m a technical director for a small church in Bradenton FL! I’m new to the blogosphere; started blogging after taking a class from Los (ragamuffin soul) at Saddleback. I think I first found your website from Los’ podcast a few weeks ago.
    Blessings ~Dave

  3. UberTech says:

    Howdy Scott,
    I’m from Fremont California which is snuggled in the heart of the bay area
    Love your blog!

  4. Johnny Laird says:

    Hey Scott
    I’m Johnny Laird: My family & I live in a beautiful little town in England called Oxted, go to Church at The Salvation Army in Croydon, which is a large suburb of South London. I’m part of the leadership team there.
    Love your blog, man. Full of good stuff.
    Peace & Blessings

  5. Johnny Laird says:

    Hey Scott
    I’m Johnny Laird: I live in a beautiful little town in England called Oxted, go to Church at The Salvation Army in Croydon, which is a large town in South London.
    Love your blog, man. Full of good stuff.
    Peace & Blessings

  6. Kevin says:

    Hey Scott,
    I’m Kevin from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m the children’s director for Catalyst Church. Love the blog.

  7. Hey Scott!
    I hope that you know where I am from! :-) However, for the benefit of everyone else, I am from Otsego, Minnesota. I live about a half hour northwest of downtown Minneapolis.
    We miss you, Amanda, & the girls. As always, we enjoy your blog. Also, for all of you out there, if you are ever in the Chicago area, YOU HAVE TO visit The Orchard. Scott is an AMAZING teacher, and he has one of the best staffs around.
    I am not on staff anywhere at a church, but I am quite involved in our local church, Living Word Christian Center ( I am involved in the children’s ministry and a new ministry for working women. It is all about staying connected to the body!!!
    Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  8. Robert says:

    Hey Scott,
    I pastor a church in Lebanon PA and have been blogging for a few months. I appreciate your blog as it helps generate creativity for me and my church.

  9. Chris says:

    hey scott,
    i love in austin, tx. will be planting a church here in the next few years.
    been blogging for 4 years and I’m always looking to learn from other folks. so keep blogging.

  10. kenny says:

    Hey Scott -
    I’m Kenny and I live in “downstate” New York, just 50 miles from Manhattan, and am a Senior Art Director at a creative marketing and advertising agency. I’ve also had the good fortune to dine with you in NYC on two occasions now. Looking very much forward to the third.

  11. Ryan Moretti says:

    Hey Scott,
    I’m Ryan from Charleston, SC. Love the blog!

  12. Lee Bell says:

    Director of Security at Newspring church Anderson SC

  13. courtney says:

    hey scott- courtney bancroft with chi alpha campus ministry in philadelphia pa.

  14. Hey Scott – I am a bi-vo pastor of a hispanic church plant.

  15. Bill A says:

    I guess I will pile on too. :-)
    Downey, CA (LA area). I am a lay leader at the Downey Adventist church ( I also have my own blog at I enjoy reading your thoughts on leadership, often times I see you struggling with the same things I am struggling with. Keep up the good work.

  16. David W says:

    I”m David Wegley from Phoenix, AZ.

  17. Jonathan says:

    Lead Pastor of Catalyst in Kent, Ohio. Word.

  18. Keith says:

    Hey Scott!
    My name is Keith. I a am one of the singers on the praise team at Fellowship Church in Grapevine TX. Have you been there? If so, you may have seen me on stage. I love your blog. I check it out everyday. You inspire me dude! Keep it up!! Stay groovy…

  19. Chuck M says:

    Church planter in Vandenberg Village, Ca

  20. Clayton says:

    Clayton Faulkner ~ Fort Worth, TX

  21. Hi Scott,
    I am Nolan Bobbitt and am an associate pastor in Steamboat Springs, Colorado…your blog rocks…don’t know if you ski or snowboard, but we’d love to have you visit Steamboat sometime!

  22. Betsy says:

    Betsy Leeuwner, your former assistant, now living in Scottsdale, AZ.
    When are you and the girls coming to see us?

  23. Greg Johnson says:

    My name is Greg Johnson. I live with my wife and two kids in Lake City, FL (which is between Gainesville and Valdosta, GA on I-75. I have been in youth ministry for 22 yrs and recently started a church for people that are new to the area or have given up on the crap that takes place in a typical church. I love your blog. It has informed, educated and been a great read. Thanks.

  24. Kathryn says:

    Ted and I live in Montgomery, IL. I am the children’s ministry director at Orchard Valley Community Church.
    Isn’t that where you work? Oh yeah, your office is two doors down from mine.

  25. Matt Singley says:

    I’m the Minister of Operations at Sunset Church in Portland, Oregon. What is the M.O.O? It just means that I get to do all of the junk that nobody else wants to do. I run the business side of the church and sit on our management team. It’s actually a sweet gig, I’m wound up so tight sometimes that I love making sure everything is in good working order. All I do, I do as if working for the Lord, not for men. Great idea for a post, I’ll probably copycat because I’m curious about my readership too.

  26. Mark Pryor says:

    I live in Tustin, CA (Orange County) and I am the Sr. Pastor of a great church there –

  27. Hi Scott:
    Kevin Behringer from Whitewater, WI.

  28. Chip Sanders says:

    I currently pastor in Bethany, Illinois. I used to work for you many years ago in MPLS.

  29. Misty says:

    I live in Aurora, IL – about 15 minutes from The Orchard.
    I love the blog – check it several times a day to get some inspiration and just to see what’ll you’ll say next!
    I’m so excited to see where everyone is from and how many people are following. Wish I would have know about so many people being in the Grapevine / Fort Worth , TX area. It would have been nice to visit while I was there.

  30. Hey Scott – you and I go way back, of course…but for the others, I’m a missionary with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Come visit – we’re always open….

  31. Martin Leeuwner says:

    Martin Leeuwner here, production guy for The Life @ Scottsdale in AZ. I think you know my wife…:)

  32. Tostada says:

    Hey Scott, My name is Victor and I’m from Sunny Southern CA… the OC to be exact. I’m a worship pastor and a tech nerd… Love you blog and all the stuff you put on it. Thanks.
    - Vic

  33. Dave says:

    Hi Scott:
    Wow, is is cool to see all the different people from around the world that are being blessed by your blog.
    Sugar Grove, IL

  34. Hey Scott,
    J.C. Jennings
    Technology Pastor
    Rock Spring Church
    Charles Town, WV

  35. Hey Scott,
    We go back a ways, also (online, anyway)- but as an fyi to everyone else:
    I am the lead pastor of Compass Church in Roanoke, Texas (Alliance area). We are a small church plant with a huge vision for developing more, stronger and closer followers of Christ.
    Your blog usually makes me want another Cup o Joe, and of course,it always rocks.
    …in a jazzy kind of way, I mean. :-D

  36. John Smulo says:

    Hey Scott,
    I’m a church planter and fellow blogger in Elk Grove, California. Love the blog.

  37. Terri G says:

    Well Scott, this is Terri Griswold reporting for duty! HA. We go a few years back (ugh, do I dear say how long ago?) with camps, & PK retreats in IL.
    I’m in Bucharest, Romania! Serving as a missionary with the great Assemblies of God!
    Love reading your blog. It’s SO funny and I love your podcasts. It gives me the ‘meat’ I need & can’t get here in a Romanian speaking church! KEEP IT UP!!! You are a gifted speaker and I’m inspired by your messages!
    I hope I get to come to your church the nex time I’m around (most likely be in 3 years).
    Bless you Scott!

  38. Randy Eilers says:

    Hi Scott.
    I haven’t seen any comments from the great state of Iowa. My wife is the children’s pastor at Jordan Creek Family Church in West Des Moines, IA. We meet in the Century Theatres at Jordan Creek Town Center. This week is our one year anniversary as a church plant in this area. My wife is a coffee hound as well. Good job with the blog.

  39. Chris Bell says:

    Chris Bell – new pastor of The Star in Plainfield (you know where that is? :-)

  40. Ted says:

    Ted from Orchard Valley.
    Teaching guy for The Orchard.

  41. Paughnee says:

    Hey, Scott. I’ve been reading your blog since the Weebleland days. I’m in Oklahoma City.

  42. Michelle says:

    Hi Scott,
    Actually, I’m a stress management consultant offering holistic relaxation services in Bend OR and Redding CA, and I was surfing for blogs complimentary to my own in the hopes of trading links. Please check out my blog and let me know if you are interested.
    I’m originally from Syracuse, NY, moved to OR in 1999 and very quickly discovered Starbucks!!! Fantastic place! :-)

  43. I just started reading your blog. I’m Randy Bohlender’s son…
    I love your posts about your kids because I’m a kid… you’re almost as awesome as your daughters.
    keep us updated.

  44. jason deuman says:

    My name is Jason, I am the student ministries pastor at Creekside Church in Seattle, WA. I don’t remember how I came across your blog, but I check it often.

  45. emma says:

    Hey all,
    I’m Emma, from Northern Ireland (although moving to Scotland for university in about 2 weeks time!) I’m currently in my ‘off-season’ of ministry, preparing to move etc, but for the last year I lead the Christian Union in my school, an incredible and blessing experience! Looking forward to what lies ahead, and love being inspired by this blog!

  46. Im Connor, from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, student at QUB,

  47. Rachel says:

    Hey it’s me from Florida formerly Oklahoma. Do you remember me? ;) I think you know my husband. Say Hi to Amanda for me.

  48. Matt Bortmess says:

    I’m Matt in Lowell, Massachusetts…lead pastor at Harbor of Hope Christian Church, a 6 year old church outside of Boston. got to you from dave ferguson’s blog
    i’m also an avid mac fan…macbook pro here! so i appreciate your mac entries!

  49. Jeff Ulrich says:

    Hey Scott I am from Northglenn, CO. I attend Northern HIlls Christian Church. I love the blog.

  50. Scott Bowling says:

    I’m Scott Bowling from Cincinnati. I link to your blog from Randy Bohlender’s. Thanks for the amusing posts. Very entertaining.

  51. Tony Wheeler says:

    Don’t usually make it onto your actual blog, but read thru bloglines.
    I am from Rochester, MN. I am the First Impressions coach at Journey Church.
    Keep it up bro.

  52. TiNA says:

    Hi Scott,
    First time reading… from Los’ blog. Just thought I would sound off.
    Tina. Foothill Ranch, CA. Cellist- Saddleback Church.

  53. Scott,
    I am an itinerant pastor in east Texas. Love the blog. Read it all the time.
    As grace extends, Justin Robinson

  54. Todd Rhoades says:

    Hey Scott–
    Todd Rhoades from Enjoy your blog! Regular reader!

  55. Andrea says:

    Hi Scott!
    Andy from Toronto, Ontario and I’m a young adults leader in my church. Love your blog!!

  56. Doug says:

    You funny guy… Pam and I have known you since you were younger than Elise is now. (now THERE’S something for you to ponder)
    And, I’m you’re “all around sound repair guy” (your words) ;)
    BTW, your blog is funny and insightful…two good reasons to keep on reading it…keep up the good work!!

  57. Blair Farley says:

    Blair Farley in Huntington Beach, CA
    Director of Communications & Technology and a sometimes blogger myself.

  58. Mickey Kinney says:

    Mickey Kinney from Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m an assistant general manager of a hotel here in huskerland. I’ve emailed you a few times throughout the years needing inspiration. You’re the man scott!

  59. tb says:

    Heather Nunnikhoven in Ames, IA

  60. Tom Buckley says:

    Hey, Scott! Tom Buckley here from Utah. I met you at the Buzz conference for the bloggers breakfast. I’m tracking you via bloglines.

  61. Art says:

    I live in LaPorte, IN. Pastor a small rural church.

  62. Dustin says:

    Dustin Bryson – Panama City Florida – STILL WAITING ON YOUR EMAIL SUCKA!

  63. Brad Leach says:

    Brad Leach…I’m 5 years into a church plant in Metro Detroit. I love your spirit!

  64. David says:

    David from Plainfield…turning it out

  65. Hey… Robert Pooley here…part of the large Florida contingency listed… We met at the buzz conference…
    Gulf Breeze, FL (Pensacola Beach area)

  66. beth says:

    hi scott. i’m beth hintze from lafayette, la. sounds like you’re a popular fella!

  67. Scott,
    I am a childrens pastor from Hillsong Church in Sydney Australia.

  68. Emily Wegley says:

    Wife of David from Phoenix!

  69. Loren Hicks says:

    Hey Scott,
    I’m a fellow AG guy. I hang out in LA and am the lead pastor at Enjoy your posts.

  70. matt says:

    matt barrett – colorado springs
    I almost worked with you. Missed you by 2 weeks.

  71. Amy Hesterman says:

    Hi Scott…
    Amy Hesterman here from NewLife Community Church in Canal Winchester, OH. I lead the Welcome Team (First Impressions-like) and enjoy the realness and humor of your blog. Check it all the time.
    It is a valuable tool!! Keep it up!
    PS- From your neck of the woods originally….Glen Ellyn-Wheaton area.

  72. Chad Maag says:

    Hey Scott
    Chad Maag here. Just recently started reading your blog. Love it. I’m from the Mid-west… Kansas City to be exact.

  73. Michele Gustin says:

    Hey Scott,
    Michele from Batavia, IL. On the worship team for the Orchard. So nice to have a pastor who is not afraid to be real. Grew up in the “Pastor is the closest thing to God so don’t get too close” mindset. Love ya!

  74. Brad McDonald says:

    Brad from DC checking in. Whatsssupp?????

  75. Erik – student ministry pastor in joliet.

  76. Gayle Watterson from Maryland. I’m the Connection Services Staff Leader at Chesapeake Church in Huntingtown, MD.

  77. Brian Wikene says:

    Hey Scott,
    Haven’t seen anybody from VEGAS yet… I’m Brian from Las Vegas. Love to read your blog! (Brian Baily, Evotional.Com and of course YOUR BLOG are my favorites… especially since Terry Storch hasn’t been posting.) I used to read your blog from Seattle before we moved here to Participate in a not-yet-ready-to-go-public church plant!

  78. Hey Scott!
    My name is Chris Philpott and I am from Whangarei, New Zealand. Just found your site as I was browsing for Mute Math downloads (wanted to show a clip of a video of them at church). Love the content here – glad to see your listening to some great albums too! I run a website at and some of those are on mine too haha!
    Anyways, keep up the great work.

  79. i’m alex schwindt, and I’m a worship arts pastor at river valley community church in rockford il. i really dig this blog, mostly because scott himself (yourself, whatever) is such a fly gottee brother.

  80. edith zepeda says:

    Hi scott,
    Edith Zepeda of Aurora il. here proud member of the OVCC familia.
    I stumbled across your blog a while back.You are actually my inspiration for blogging. Never thought i’d try it, but getting so much out of yours I figured “Hey, why not!!!” My blog is on My Space. So thanks for being THE WIND BENEATH MY BLOGGING WINGS!!

  81. Hey Scott! Enjoy your blog. I’m the worship leader at TrueNorth Church in North Augusta, SC ( I’m also the host of the 247think blog (
    Keep it up!

  82. Allen Arnn says:

    Hi Scott. Allen Arnn here from Allen, TX — a suburb of Dallas.
    I enjoy the mix of things on your blog. Keep blogging and keep going!

  83. Billy Joset from Joliet says:

    I’m a guy looking for a church where I can wear my skirt and black pumps. Would you guys accept me?

  84. michelle says:

    I found your blog while living in Chelsea, Michigan. We are from the Dallas, Texas area (Allen, Texas actually) and went to Fellowship CHurch Grapevine. Now we’re in the Charlotte, NC area (Lake Norman) and we just found an awesome new church Charlotte North Fellowship.
    I am just a mom of 3. Love learning from your blog and listening to your messages online. I learn all I can hoping God can use me someday.

  85. Abe says:

    Abe Savona from Arizona. We are currently on me and Amanda’s bi-annual conversation schedule ;-)

  86. Tommy says:

    Hey Scott. I’m Tommy from Montgomery, AL. I work with YoungLife and have a blog as well ( Love your blog! Keep doing what your doing for Jesus! Peace-

  87. Brian Howe says:

    Yo Scott,
    My name is Brian Howe. I am the Student Pastor at Northway Fellowship Church in Malta, NY…Im addicted to your blog!!

  88. Kelly Shirley says:

    a busy mother of three from Brooklyn Park, MN (you used to work with my hubby & I here) – we miss seeing you, but I love reading your blog! I especially love the pictures!

  89. Scott,
    Technology Pastor
    Harmony Hill
    Lufkin, TX
    Love the blog!!!

  90. steve says:

    hey-my name is steve and i live a mere couple of miles from the orchard and visited there quite frequently for a while and then fell through the cracks and have moved on. nice blog.

  91. -Justin- says:

    Youth Pastor on Whidbey Island in Washington State.

  92. jenni says:

    nowhere exotic just lemont, il. i like to pretend i’m visiting your blog from miami.

  93. Joshua says:

    Wow Steve you sound a little bitter. Nice jab. Inappropriate? I think so.
    I’m Joshua Vanderklok. I like your blog and I really like your messages!

  94. Ron Gustin says:

    I’m Ron and volunteer in the jr./sr. high group at the orchard. I the one who has been accused of casting the one NO vote when voting Scott in as lead pastor. I only visit your blog when Michele tells me to check sometime out on it.

  95. Travis here. Miami (homestead) life pointe church.

  96. MJ says:

    Mike and Kristen Jones (and troop) here in Plainfield, IL. Still lovin’ your blog dude!

  97. Kate says:

    Kate – Wellington, New Zealand – found your blog thru Randy Bohlenders blog…

  98. Scott,
    Randy B. turned me on to your site cause he blatantly ripped you off. I love your blog have linked it to mine.

  99. Dane Edwards says:

    Hey bud, you know me.. Although I rarely comment, I have become a regular at checking your blog… I really enjoy keeping up with your views on Christian Culture. You’re a blessing and it blesses me to see how well you are doing in the big C… Much love…

  100. deanna says:

    i attend a church plant in sterling,va…i like to keep up on things churchy and things interesting; your blog fits the bill.

  101. Bruce Chant says:

    Bruce Chant, perth Western Australia.
    met you briefly at Buzz Conference in DC earlier this year Scott. I usually check in via bloglines…

  102. Jon Sampson says:

    Jon Sampson; Pasadena, CA
    Been reading for a while now, just moved to CA from Fort Worth, Texas. I’m currently attending seminary at Fuller…

  103. Tim says:

    Tim Schraeder
    Creative Communications Director
    Riverside Community Church
    Peoria, IL

  104. Tom Whitcomb says:

    Just recently started reading your blog. Keep up the great work.
    Tom Whitcomb
    East Berlin, PA

  105. clay says:

    clay – louisville, kentucky.

  106. Dude you’ve officially reached Rockstar status…
    Worship Pastor… Calvary Fellowship… Miami, FL

  107. met you at the buzz conference up in d.c. – actually i think i was onto your blog prior to that but definitely since meeting you i’ve been a regular (checking in via netvibes).
    and mark is right – you’ve got to have crossed some sort of official status line here – rock star works for me.
    keep givin’ ‘em heaven.

  108. oh, yeah, duh – the question you were asking:
    i’m in baton rouge at healing place church – working with dino rizzo.

  109. Seth Thomas says:

    I’m from Bellingham, WA. Paul from Idea Sandbox introduced us a few months back when I was working with Room2Think, a creative meeting space. I now work for a college ministry at First Presbyterian Church of Bellingham called the INN.

  110. Tim Elzea says:

    Tim Elzea from National Community Church in Washington, D.C. checking in.

  111. Debbie Bock says:

    Wow Scott, you have quite the following…but didn’t see any rednecks from Tennessee! I may live in Nashville now, but I am still a Northern girl! Love your blog and the pics. The girls are growing up so fast! Love to you and Amanda!

  112. jaycarter says:

    Hi Scott,
    Jay from North Star Christian Church. Heard about you from my new pastor Chris. I work in Aurora – we’ll have to do coffee sometime.

  113. Doug Miller says:

    Doug here from Castle Rock, CO; Plum Creek Community Chrch. I will be back in town next week. Maybe we can grab a Starbucks. It is awesome to see all of the people hitting your blog site.

  114. pete says:

    Yo! This is Pete from Northern Virginia, west of Washington D.C.

  115. David says:

    David from Kilsyth, Scotland

  116. Rick says:

    Rick – Cayce, SC – thumb-twiddler.

  117. Yo Scott, Phil Gerbyshak from nearby Milwaukee, WI, and planet Make It Great! Great stuff you’ve got here.

  118. Amy Dusek says:

    Hey Scott,
    You already know me, but for others, I’m Amy from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m a graphic designer at Living Word Christian Center.
    As always, love your blog… keep up the great posts.

  119. robb says:

    your childhood hero, checking in. funny how things change. now you are MY hero!

  120. Missy West says:

    Lee and Missy in Owasso, OK. This has been a great way for me to keep up with you, Amanda and the girls. Please give Amanda my love.

  121. BMAC says:

    I am a friend of Betsy Leeuwner, your former assistant, now living in Scottsdale, AZ. & David Wegley from Phoenix, AZ. & Martin Leeuwner here, production guy for The Life @ Scottsdale in AZ. & Hey it’s me from Florida formerly Oklahoma. Do you remember me? ;) I think you know my husband. Say Hi to Amanda for me. & matt barrett – colorado springs
    I almost worked with you. Missed you by 2 weeks. & Lee and Missy in Owasso, OK. This has been a great way for me to keep up with you, Amanda and the girls. Please give Amanda my love & Hopefully still your friend after this comment!

  122. Scott,
    Add me to the Scott Hodge fan club!! These other people read your blog because they don’t get to see you or talk to you. I see you and talk to you in Starbucks – and I still want to read your blog.
    Your fan and blogging apprentice, Dave Ferguson

  123. Jay Hardwick says:

    Another blogging apprentice here…
    Jay Hardwick
    Catalyst Church
    Greenville, SC

  124. Ed Gulland says:

    You know I’ve always known you were quite a guy. I’m really excited to see you reaching out to the world, literally. You share a wonderful message and you do it so well. I’m honored to be your friend and even more excited to see how you have taken your passion for Christ and are passing it on. Your leadership and friendship are contagious. Keep up the great work! To everyone else logging in…I encourage you to take Scott’s enthusiasm and Christ’s message to your world.
    Love ya bro!
    Ed — Minneapolis, MN

  125. Daniel says:

    My name’s Daniel and I live in St. Paul, MN.
    I’m a senior at Northwestern College.
    I’ve been a closet reader for years. And now I’m out of that aforementioned closet.

  126. Hi Scott
    You can add Norway to your country list.
    Keep up the good work.

  127. Liz B. says:

    I’m a friend of Jenny Buckel’s who told me about your website (which I’m really enjoying!) I live in Charlotte, NC …

  128. david says:

    david rudd.
    i’m a son working with a father in the church. loved your article in leadership…

  129. John Smith says:

    I love your blogging ways!
    I’ve obviously never met you, but you strike me as one who would be a cross between a Bono-like figure and a comedian, with a touch of preacher.
    Maybe that resonates with you, maybe not.
    (Rum and juice is my drink of choice, what’s yours?)

  130. Ellen says:

    Hi there, Scott. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area and am a friend of Cara’s…I stop by now and then and love it when you post pictures of your darling girls! :)

  131. Howdy Scott!
    Greetings from Dallas, TX. I grew up in Cleveland, OH, but got to Texas as quickly as I could! :) I work for Fellowship Technologies and go to church at Grace Outreach Center in Plano, TX.
    I love checking out your blog! You don’t know how much of a blessing you are to so many people! Keep it up!

  132. jamey johnson says:

    hey, i’m jamey john johnson – I think i was in your wedding!!!!

  133. Sheila says:

    Live in Aurora, IL but really from Massachusetts and Puerto Rico. Proudly part of the staff and member of OVCC, enjoy reading your blog it’s always unpredictable and entertaining!

  134. yo yo.
    From Lynnwood, WA (near Seattle), I work as graphic designer/web designer at Gold Creek Community Church.
    My claim to fame to this blog is adding your Apple Ad post to Digg, resulting in a huge flood of traffic. =)
    I don’t remember when I first started reading your blog… I think it stemmed from the original king of blogging Terry Storch… perhaps from him to Tony Morgan to here?

  135. Hey Scott!
    I think I first found your blog through Tim Schraeder‘s blog.
    I’m another one that doesn’t usually give you a “hit” but follow along via Bloglines. As you know already, I’m from the city of industry and achievement:
    Peoria, Illinois.

  136. John Gapp says:

    Long time listener, first time caller! Wait, no – anyway, I’m John from the Minneapolis area. This is a great idea, as reflected by the totally righteous response! I love your blog – your passion for your family, church, and the finer things of life (coffee and asian cuisine) is refreshing and enjoyable. Thanks for making us a part of your life!

  137. Marko says:

    Marko from the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia
    Not on staff at my church, but volunteer as audio and multimedia coordinator

  138. Todd Ruth says:

    Hey Scott. Currently live in Granger, IN and volunteer in the high school ministry at GCC. Am a juvenile probation officer now. Was a student pastor for four years before that. Now I’m putting resumes out for another student pastor even though I’d hate to leave GCC.

  139. Brian Bowen says:

    Brian Bowen here. I’m a college pastor in Macon, GA.
    I found your blog a while back following links from Gary Lamb’s blog and have been reading you since.
    I often get you from bloglines on my blackberry.

  140. Pamela Fox says:

    Hey, Scott!
    Love your blog! I am the mysterious behind the scenes person who copies the messages on CD each week. By the way, I loved your blowfish impression on 9/24. Keep up the GOOD WORK!

  141. Chris Baker says:

    Hi Scott,
    My name is Chris. I am from the Reading, PA area (about a hour west of Philly) – I am our church’s media guy at – I do all the websites, mediashout slides, and anything else they ask me to do. I honestly am not sure how I found your website. But have been following you through your RSS – Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts and pointing out others thoughts that maybe we would all miss. Have been helpful. Keep pressing on Brother (and fellow Mac user)!

  142. Eric Marsh says:

    Hey Scott! I’m Eric from Oklahoma City, OK. I found your blog from a comment you made on about his Caught with a Mac post. I have enjoyed you content so far. Thanks!

  143. John Jackson says:

    one meeting with you at Grainger and I’m hooked!
    Coming at ya from right near Lake Tahoe in Northern Nevada…

  144. Clayton Bell says:

    I’m Clayton from Tallahassee. I can’t remember where I found your blog, I think through one of the Granger guys, but I’ve enjoyed it ever since! Or maybe it was through Perry Noble when you were taunting him about Starbucks….

  145. Brian says:

    Hi Scott!
    My name is Brian Brunke and I live in the Northern Kentucky area of Cincinnati. I am on staff at First Church of Christ Burkington, KY. I am not sure how I found your blog but enjoy the content and the latte’s.

  146. Hey Scott,
    My name is Chris Marsden and am the Associate Minister at New Horizons Christian Church in Winter Garden, FL (outside Orlando). I am also a blogger, webdesigner, and various other things. Since I asked other people to do this on my site, I guess I shouldn’t have ignored your plea on your site.
    Thanks for writing and keep it up.

  147. Mark Seekins says:

    Austin Tx. – Found your blog through the CCC boys. Great stuff. I’m currently looking for a new place of ministry… know anybody who needs a campus pastor or small group pastor?? Keep writing!

  148. Doug ruhs says:

    My name is Doug Ruhs and live in Aurora IL. I play bass guitar and keyboards at The Orchard. When I’m not onstage I generally sit in the middle section of the church in the first few rows.

  149. Amber Cox says:

    Hi, I’m Amber Cox & I’m a blogoholic. I grew up in Granger, IN and now I am married and live in Chicago.

  150. Bonjour. I am Jason Boucher, a Canadian who holds dear his right to say “eh” and not be mocked for it. I am a husband, father of four, pastor, & an “emerging” blogger :-)

  151. Kerry Snyder says:

    Big fan… I am Kerry S. from Gilbert, Az. I am the student ministries pastor at Superstition Springs Community Church (Yeah, that’s really the name) and I am also the speaking pastor for Flood the Desert in Scottsdale, Az. Originally grew up in Lombard, Il. Moved when I was 16. Lived in San Diego, till three years ago when God decided to exile me to the desert!
    Thanks for the good blogging, encouragment, and leadership ideas.

  152. Rick Pierce says:

    Hi, been reading for a few weeks, not sure how I found you but it was from a link from another blog.I think it was from one of the people at Granger.
    I am in Fairhope AL (way down south Al, on Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay) Executive Pastor of Jubilee Shores UMC, really enjoy your blog. Thanks

  153. Dave Younce says:

    Hi Scott- I’m Dave Younce.
    Live in Naperville, work in Aurora as an elementary principal – met you earlier this year with Chris Bell. Love to read your stuff everyday. Keep it up!

  154. sam sanders says:

    Scott, what’s up????
    I am Sam Sanders. I live in the small town of Summerton in South Carolina. I read many info/blogs/websites about information related to the emerging church, postmodernism, etc…I believe that is how I first found your blog. If you have the time visit my blog (, send some readers/bloggers my way…Peace

  155. sam sanders says:

    Scott, what’s up????
    I am Sam Sanders. I live in the small town of Summerton in South Carolina. I read many blogs/websites searching for information related to the emerging church, postmodernism, etc…I believe that is how I first found your blog. If you have the time visit my blog (, send some readers/bloggers my way…Peace

  156. Matt says:

    Hey Scott,
    I’m Matt Prielipp from Litchfield Park, AZ (just west of Phoenix). I attend Palm Valley Church where Pastor Greg Roehlinger blogs and mentions Perry Noble, who in turn linked to you. I don’t know how I stumbled upon it, but clicked through and started reading your posts.
    I have a few planters in the old RSS readers and I did hearing your perspectives. I got in the habit after starting my blog for Bible reading. Thanks for yours.
    BTW, the best RSS reader is incorporated in the Flock browser. If you are a blogger and you are not using Flock, you are missing out. Check it out at And no, I am not associated with them, it just ROCKS and I wanted you to know about it. Thanks.

  157. Rob McKee says:

    Hey Scott,
    Name is Rob. I am the Student Pastor @ the Lifecentre in Ottawa, Canada. I am a passionate football fan, love Starbucks, connecting with young people, but most of all I love my family. Love the blog! Thinking that I might even have to start one.
    Chat Soon

  158. angie says:

    Hey Scott! I guess I will sign in too. This is Angie and I am in Minnesota – still working at MN Home Mortgage where I met your totally AWESOME wife Amanda (I think that you are pretty cool too FYI)! Hopefully I will get to see you all soon.

  159. preston says:

    hey Scott
    Family Pastor
    Ridge Stone Church
    Canton, GA
    you are my 8th live bookmark on Firefox… with it

  160. My name is Jason and I live in Rapid City, SD (20 minutes from Mt. Rushmore). I’m married to Gwyn and have a son, Reece, and daughter, Regan. I currently work in Human Resources specializing organizational development. Prior to that I was in youth ministry and served four years in the Air Force.
    I dig this blog.

  161. Chip says:

    Hi Scott,
    I found your intriguing blog through a link from Perry Noble of NewSpring Church in Anderson SC.
    I am newly born Christian looking for all the spiritual guidance I can find…Perry lists you as one of the ‘Jesus Freaks’ he likes… Couldn’t agree more…keep on truckin’

  162. Erika says:

    I was so excited when I saw someone post that they lived in nashville…… then I realized it was my mom! OOPS haha
    well my name is Erika. I live in Nashville, Tn but Illinois is SO much better! see yall (i mean you guys!!!) soon!

  163. Scott Harris says:

    What’s up? This is the other Scott from Seattle. Sorry to have not signed your guest ‘book’ sooner!
    You’re da man, you bring meaning to my life…you’re my inspiration.
    Come to Seattle, speak at my church, I’ll take you to the original, the very first, Starbucks…
    Seriously, I love and appreciate what you’re doing and YOU.

  164. anne jackson says:

    i’m anne jackson, aka flowerdust, aka dirtyflower…
    i will honestly admit this is probably the second time i’ve visited your blog (via our mutual friend los) but what i’ve read, i’ve enjoyed.
    i am the proud owner of a husband of almost 4 years, 2 cats, a job of designing and writing at lake pointe church in rockwall (dallas-ish) texas, and my blog at
    i’ll try and keep up more often :)

  165. Mark Jaffrey says:

    Mark Jaffrey. Worship Director, Maadi Community Church, Cairo, Egypt. I got into blogging ( about four months after attending los’s blog/podcast seminar at PDWorship Conference, Saddleback.
    I’m really enjoying reading your blog, and taking this journey alongside you.
    Just finished choir practice for our Christmas production – the Hallelujah chorus is a killer for tenors ;-)

  166. Bekah says:

    I’m probably your numero 1 fan! (MAYBE #2)Could ya tell from the costume? :-) You’re hands down the coolest pastor around! Actually pastor isn’t the right word… friend, teacher, mentor, influence, comedian/caffine-addict (just kidding… maybe not). We all love you sooo much!

  167. Al Crawford says:

    Found your blog while reading others (probably Perry Noble or Tony Morgan) Love the insight. I am a volunteer with the Snellville UMC in (guess where) Snellville, GA. I work mainly with the A/V and presentation for our services. Also help with A/V with our Youth program.

  168. Janel Moore says:

    Hi Scott,
    I cannot remember the particulars of when I started watching/reading your blog, but you’re on my RSS list, so I at least check out any new post. And I find many good ones that I pass along and share. I help with worship and technology at Salisbury Church in Charleston, IL.

  169. Jenny says:

    Hi Scott! Just had to put in my .02! I remember you from the 6th grade :) That wasn’t TOO many years ago, eh? Isn’t that when you coined ‘weeble’?
    I’m a full-time wife/SAHM of 3, part-time college student, fellow coffee lover and Starbucks groupie.
    I totally enjoy your blog! It has been great to ‘see’ you again ~you make me laugh!! ~no surprise there~ :D
    *!!Hi Amanda!!* :)
    Always a friend,
    Jenny (Phillips) Buckel
    Clarksville, OH

  170. Ashley says:

    I’m a pastor in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. A techie friend gave me your link as he checks you out, hey, he might even be somewhere in the comments, I’m too lazy to check!

  171. Phil Wyman says:

    Hi Scott,
    Caught your blog from John Smulo. I pastor a church in Salem, MA. So I’ll read some of your stuff now.

  172. Lanelle says:

    Hey, my name is Lanelle. I have no idea where I found your blog, but I appreciate it. my husband and i are unofficial staff at a small baptist church in oregon; tech support, office support, sound board/video/audio… well, we pretty much do all that. we have three kids, are both college students and youth leaders… interested in leadership and missional living

  173. Pete Carino says:

    Hey Scott, Pete Carino here. I am an assistant pastor at Pasadena Foursquare Church in California. I came across your blog with the article about change and transition. We are currently facing that situation: an aging boomer pastor with a support staff filled with X-ers. I working to help our church transition into a new way of being church, a move towards a deeper incarnational model. I’d love to hear you talk more about your transition.

  174. Mark Mende says:

    Hey Scott:
    I’m a good friend of Doug and Joni Ruhs and I go to Ginger Creek Church on the other side of Aurora. I heard (from Zach Montroy) that you are a pretty good guy and I just wanted to check out your blog.

  175. AnneMarie says:

    Sweet blog!
    I am serving as The Network Director at The Oaks Church (a new church plant)up in Royal Oak, Michigan!

  176. Hi Scott. Great blog. I’m Kris Sorensen, Senior Pastor at Farmalnd Friends Church in Farmland, Indiana.

  177. chris g says:

    jupiter, fl.
    best beaches in america

  178. Hi Scott,
    I didn’t realize I was speaking to someone so famous when we connected with you via iChat! Keep up the great blog!
    –Trent Redmann
    Valley Creek Church
    Woodbury, MN

  179. Sparky says:

    Hey Scott,
    Sparky from Temecula, CA here.
    Love the blog!

  180. Chad Wright says:

    Can’t remember if I posted before.
    I’m an associate pastor at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship ( in Stephenville, TX.
    I also maintain a blog at where I generally say things that get me in trouble with Christians. Everyone needs a hobby, right.

  181. Ben Boles says:

    I’m Ben Boles a youth minister in DeLand, FL. I’ve been reading your blog for almost 3 years, probably found you through Terry Storch’s old blog. Thanks for sharing your life and ministry with us.

  182. Laura says:

    Linked in from Ottawa Ontario Canada. jason Boucher is my pastor.

  183. I pastor a church plant called Crosspoint Community Church in Alabama ( I think you were at the Lunch with Mark Beeson at last year’s ICC at Granger and I was there too. I told my story first and felt very small after I heard how God was working in other places. Rock on – love the blog!

  184. Charles says:

    Hey Scott,
    I’m a pastor in Austin, TX – been reading your blog since I became blg saavy… Keep up the good work! We’re in the process of planting/launching a new church. It’s all a little confusing, but a thrill a minute.

  185. Luke Dooley says:

    Hey Scott,
    My name is Luke Dooley. I am the Pastor of Student Ministries at Journey Church in Cincinnati, Oh.
    Just started reading a couple of months ago… I was finally sick of reading other blogs post about your blog and figured I’d just add yours to my RSS feeder!
    Keep up the good work!

  186. Flaviu says:

    you know me, bro. but just in case i haven’t signed your guest book, here it goes: i’m Flaviu Pop, student pastor in Braselton, GA. I love Jesus and am all about reaching to the present and next generation. Scott Hodge is the man, and i dig his glasses. Matter of fact, I’m about to see them glasses in 3 days! There, Scott, you happy now???!! Lol. C-ya at Newspring. I’ll give you a buzz Wed or early Thursday.

  187. Julie says:

    I’m from Bendigo, Australia, and I’m the youth leader at Bendigo Christian Fellowship ( I think I found your blog via Terry Storch years ago. Keep up the great work, love reading it!

  188. Lori Eilers says:

    Hey from West Des Moines, Iowa. I am the children’s pastor at Jordan Creek Family Church. We are 1 1/2 years into a church plant meeting at Jordan Creek Town Center (mall) in Century Theaters. I’m a fellow Starbucks fan. Sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce Latte, baby. Rocks my world! Blog on!

  189. Michelle says:

    I found your blog through Perry. Just got hooked in this blog world a few weeks ago and have learned so much. I am the Children’s Director at a church that needs new life in Columbia, SC. Reading your blog, Perry, & others is a breath of fresh air. Will be at Unleash. Did you know that b/w 10-12 that day Starbucks is giving away free coffee???

  190. Jamey Johnson says:

    I’m your buddy, partner. homeboy, friend, chill-time cold drinks/good eats guy, innovative pastoring explorer, amigo, dude, phone calling guy (especially when your bored IN YOUR CAR on the way home), AND ALL AROUND SHRINK (OH SORRY, COUNSELOR) IF YOU NEED ME.

  191. Brian Van Volkinburg says:

    Hey Scott, I don’t remember how I first came on to your blog, but I enjoy it a lot. You seem to be the kind of guy I would find myself hanging with. Anyway, I am the lead video producer at Church in the Son in Orlando, FL. Originaly from Michigan and have lived in MN, NC and SC.

  192. Amber Cox says:

    Hi Scott!
    You know me! I’m a regular!
    My hubby Ryan and I live in North Riverside. I need to get over there to visit the Orchard soon!
    Digging your blog!

  193. Kevin Womack says:

    I’m Kevin. I pastor a mid-sized church in San Diego, California. Can’t remember how I stumbled across your blog but it’s been enjoyable and interesting enough to keep coming back. Thanks for your work in posting!

  194. Anthony c says:

    We’ll scott,
    It’s anthony, and proud to be apart of the orchard community, ever since 2005 i have been loving every sunday or first wednesday there, you and your staff are doing an amazing job, i check your blog constantly, i love reading them, keep up the good work bro.

  195. brad says:

    I’m Brad Dutton. For about a year, i’ve been sensing God calling me into church planting so I use your blog as a source of education and refeuling….And i’m just as big an apple fanboy too.

  196. Kyle says:

    Hey Scott,
    I’m Kyle Zehr. I live in Aurora not too far from the Orchard…I’m Music Director at Ginger Creek Community Church and frequent the same starbucks (i think?) Thanks for your blog!

  197. Hung says:

    Hi Scott,
    I’m the (only) pastor / staff at a small Vietnamese church in San Jose, California. New to the blogosphere. Just read the Blogging Church and found your link from there a few days ago. You are one very creative / authentic dude and you’re blessed with a great media staff! Any chance that you can share some of the video clips you have produced to smaller churches like ours?

  198. Joey Smith says:

    Hi Scott,
    I am from Anderson, SC. (Newspring)
    Perry has you linked and I read you everyday. You’ve got a GREAT blog. Joey

  199. Andy Nelson says:

    I am from Indianapolis Indiana. A member of LifePoint Church formerly known as Community Church of Southport.
    I went with a group from my church to the Innovative Church Conference @ Granger Community Church last September where I heard Mark Batterson and Perry Noble. Since then I have been following their blogs and looking at other blogs by people who have links to and from Mark and Perry.
    Your blog and the others give me things to think about. How will my church reach the people who live near our new location? Will we be faithful to the commands of Jesus?
    Grace and Peace, Andy

  200. Joe says:

    Representing Brooklyn. I’m a friend of Kenny’s who is, by the way, from upstate NY. :) Kenny told me about your work and blog.
    I’m planting a church here in Brooklyn called Christ’s Church for Brooklyn. Kenny did our website. Check it out at
    peace — Joe

  201. Sam says:

    Hi Scott…
    I’m Sam Todd. I pastor a new church, Christ the King Community Church, in Ponca, NE. I have been in ministry for about 20 years and this summer moved back home from Orlando, FL to be near my aged parents. Through a God-orchestrated series of events, God led us to CKCC.
    I am relatively new to the blog world, but it is a great encouragement to me. Found it by reading one the “Strategic Guys” books and going to one of their web sites.
    Lord Bless…Sam

  202. Mike Trimble says:

    Hey Scott! Love your blog. It reminds me to have fun while doing ministry. It also reminds me to support my local Starbucks. I’m going for coffee right now…

  203. Dana Kidder says:

    Hey Scott, My name is Dana and I’m a youth pastor from Xenia, Ohio. Thanks for asking.

  204. jill williams says:

    jill williams (formally known as jill stewart back in the day) i think i know who you are from pk camps. originally from il. my husband and i pastor young adults in summerville, sc.
    oh and i work at starbucks….get to drink for free.

  205. Jeff Leake says:

    My name is Jeff Leake. I am the lead pastor of a church in Pittsburgh, PA ( I am not a church planter, but I am the pastor of a church that loves to mother other churches. We have helped to plant 6. I enjoy reading your perspectives on things.

  206. Chris says:

    Hey – I’m Chris Freeland. I’m currently 42 days from graduation at Dallas Seminary, and am working as a part of the Residency at Fellowship Bible Church North in Plano, TX.
    I’m a Tony Morganite, and just heard about your blog today.

  207. Loren Hicks says:

    Hi Scott,
    Staying busy in ministry here in West Los Angeles. I’ve enjoyed your blog for a couple of years. Keep up the good work!

  208. Jim Baker says:

    We are in Cary, NC originally from
    MI and CA….in a mainline denomination that is trying to adapt to a changing world.

  209. Scott…
    I’m a layman with a heart for discipleship from…South OKC Campus

  210. John Baw says:

    From the Rock of Gibraltar – Europe – love your blog man! Keep it coming!

  211. David says:

    I live in Kilsyth, Scotland and read your blog.

  212. Dolores Cadena says:

    I a proud to call OVCC my home. Our family has been so blessed by the ministry and staff at The Orchard. Keep up the great work!!!

  213. Tina Harkey says:

    Hi Scott, I’m in Asheville, NC as the Director of Children’s Ministry at Covenant Community Church. I think I found your website through someone elses blog. I enjoy reading it but basically like to see who you are reading and what is going on out there.

  214. Pat Callahan says:

    Worship & Creative Arts Pastor in Fresno, CA.

  215. Just Jason says:

    I’m in Greenville, NC and am the lead pastor of a new church called Discovery Church. Love all the ideas and insights out in the blogosphere and appreciate your take on stuff.

  216. Tim Edwards says:

    Hi Scott,
    This is Tim Edwards, reading your blog from north Thailand where my wife and I work with a church planting organization focused on ethnic minorities in the mekong river region.

  217. Rev Scottie says:

    Hey Scott this is Scott. That always sounds wierd in a multiple personalities sort of way. I’m in beautiful Soddy Daisy, Tn, once known for moonshining and hub cap theft; now recognized as the home of good clean nuclear power from the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant. Somehow Homer Simpson seems to fit both images.
    I now have my own blog about church planting check it out at:

  218. bob kerico says:

    hey Scott
    No way I have let this much time go by without being in touch. Got to listen to the girls talking to us a few weeks back (so sweet) but not able to see the video part. Tell them that I love them too.
    You are getting feedback from all over the world. Your blog is touching lives everywhere and Aunt Judy and I are so proud of you. Congrats on your good news. We will try to get there to see you all very soon. Finally all moved in. Want to know all about Thailand. Finally have wireless internet in new home, just great.
    Hope to talk with you very soon.
    Your UNK

  219. Hey Scott,
    I’m checking in from Seacoast Church in beautiful SC. Love the blog, but I worry about the Terry Storch and Dave Ferguson connections. :-)

  220. William says:

    William Brown II from Salisbury, NC

  221. Rachel says:

    Great blog! I am from Maryland and a future missionary to Africa!!

  222. Chad Payne says:

    Hi, Scott! I saw a link to your blog in Ministry Today magazine. Great stuff! Thanks for setting the bar high for those of us who are starting blogs of our own. My name is Chad Payne, and I pastor New Life Assembly of God in Woodstock, Alabama. Blessings!

  223. Scott Nelson says:

    My name is Scott. My family and I are involved in a home-based ministry to Mainland Chinese students enrolled at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

  224. John Vaughan says:

    Scott…God’s best to you brother!
    John Vaughan here from Church Growth Today – been publishing the lists of US and global largest and fastest growing churches since 1985. A g-r-e-a-t day for God’s churches — of ALL sizes!

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