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Who’s Learning From Who?

May 19, 2005

Fast Company Now blogger, Jennifer Reingold, poses an interesting question in her post today regarding Business Week’s cover story on Evangelical churches in America:

"The piece discusses how these churches have taken a page from business books in developing their sales and marketing. But with that kind of explosive growth , I wonder if the reverse should true–that the Targets and Motel 6s of the world might start benchmarking the churches for ideas. Does anyone know of this happening? Or is this the kind of thing that somehow feels inappropriate? What do you think?"


4 Responses to “Who’s Learning From Who?”

  1. kaleobill says:

    I dream of a day in which the church carries itself with such a spirit of excellence, such continual innovation, such creativity that the world would begin looking to us for ideas. Think it will happen?

  2. Grammar Queen says:

    I can’t resist. “from WHOM?”

  3. Jamey Johnson says:

    i believe that the “church” overall doesn’t get that kind of crossover response. But, there are innovative individuals in the Christian leadership world who have had a great influence over the secular business world. Individuals like a John Maxwell, T.D. Jakes, or a Ken Blanchard etc, have moved into major secular business markets and have been very innovative in how they brought (The Bible) into there communication to the secualar business world. (It’s funny though, the Christian community often gets very hostile to individuals who have crossed over successfully into the secualr business world-i don’t understand!)

  4. Betsy says:

    Jamey, I agree.
    Why is it that the Christian community vilifies those who gain financial success? I understand if the financial success is achieved by fleecing old people into sending money for “No Evil Oil” (there is actually a TV Evangelist who hawks this stuff). If monetary gain is built on the backs of the people, then sure, let’s criticize.
    But when someone like Rick Warren, who goes out of his way to “reimburse” the church for his salary, is lambasted for being successful, it makes no sense. Why can’t God bless those who follow Him? Why is it a sin to run a financially successful church that is a blessing to the community?
    When we’re not condemning the world, we’re devouring our own. What did Jesus say? “They shall know you by your love for one another.” We’re a long shot from that.

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