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WiFi Withdrawal…

Jun 29, 2005

Hey guys – turns out the condo I’m staying at is having trouble w/ their WiFi, so my online presence and blogging has been extremely minimal – especially since I’m paying $6/hour @ an internet cafe here in UP Michigan!  Where is Starbucks when you need them?!  I’ve also found that I can pull up next to the Super 8 and skim their WiFi too, but unfortunately their signal isn’t very strong.

In the meantime, check out this post and visit some of YOUR blogs.

Happy Wednesday!

2 Responses to “WiFi Withdrawal…”

  1. Ted says:

    You are officially in the group of 14% of Americans who are addicted to the internet.
    Maybe this is a test. LOL!

  2. Scott – I was away on business in Arizona when you called for all your visitors to post their blogs. SO – here is my official plug for myself. Come visit me! :)

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