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Jun 14, 2005

Here’s an interesting article about Malcolm Gladwell’s (author of Blink & The Tipping Point) workspace. 

This is a guy I can relate to.  I’m the exact same way.  Being glued to a desk is not my style.  In fact, in any given week, I probably work in about 5 or 6 different locations. 

My favorite spots to work from:

Coffeehouse in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago.
Teahouse in Chinatown.
Starbucks (various all over the area…)
The couch in my office.

Where’s your favorite place to work?

3 Responses to “Workspace”

  1. David Wegley says:

    Alas, if only I had a choice. I would be at Borders sipping a Bali Hai Chai and remoting into servers to transfer users from one to another.

  2. Tally says:

    We’re a church plant without an office space (until July 15th). I work from a home office (very seldom), Java Junction (a local coffee house), Local City Park (at a bench among the trees), Dairy Queen (they actually have Wi-Fi) and my local library (it’s very modern and also has wi-fi).
    I’m glad I’m not flying solo!

  3. Betsy says:

    I usually work at work at my desk, but my “other work” — graphic design for our church — I do on my couch, with the laptop, and generally some home-decorating show on TLC.

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