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Wound Up!

Jan 27, 2008

I’ll probably write more about this tomorrow, but man….I am all wound up from our gatherings this weekend.  Awesome, awesome weekend!  Today we wrapped up our series, "I Am Spirit" and closed out our services with the song, "We Shine", by Steve Fee.  Holy smokes….  Man, the energy in the room was UNBELIEVABLE! 

That’s it for now.  I’m going to try and get some sleep.  Another busy week starting tomorrow.


6 Responses to “Wound Up!”

  1. Blake says:

    That’s an amazing song to close with.
    We. Are. The. Re. Deemed. And In His Light We Will Shine!
    We belong to Jesus….

  2. Brad Ruggles says:

    That’s a great song. I love it. I remember singing it at Catalyst with 10,000+ people…awesome!
    Brad Ruggles

  3. bekah says:

    dude im digging the new pic on the left widget. it’s pretty fly.

  4. Chad Payne says:

    Scott, I am listening to I Am Spirit via podcast, and it is great! Good Word!
    Hey, I like the new picture, too. You always have the coolest pictures on your blog!

  5. Scott, you have been “wound” up since BIRTH BRO!

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