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What’s your average?

Jul 13, 2010

This is interesting…  A chart that shows the length (# of words) of every US President’s inaugural address since George Washington.

(Click for larger image)

Pastors – what would a chart like this look like for your sermons?

My weekly average in minutes (based on 7 weeks) = 42 minutes.

What’s yours?

18 Responses to “What’s your average?”

  1. I only preach a couple of times per year (I typically lead worship), but based on those limited experiences, my average is 37 minutes.

  2. My normal sermon runs on average 30 minutes. I’ve gone as long as 38, and as short as 24. Most fall from 28-34. I do preach about 55 times a year not including weddings and funerals. I’ve been trying to get them shorter, and would like to move them to run 25-27 with same or better quality and less unnecessary tangents by me.

  3. mo says:

    Wow, nothing like a good infographic to get the mind flowing. Thanks for posting this!

  4. I too like Issac preach an average of 37 mins. At least 30, no more than 45. New blog looks good Scott.


  5. Matt Wade says:

    My average is around 45 min. Trying to cut this to 35 min. Ten minutes allows for a lot of words that are unnecessary. LOL.

  6. chip sanders says:

    around 45 minutes.

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  8. David Foster says:

    30 to 33 minutes. A talk need not be eternal to be immortal!

  9. Jason says:

    36 lovely minutes (if I don’t say so completely all by myself).

  10. Neil Schori says:

    My range is usually 25-31 minutes and I would like to cut off a few minutes because I get bored when people speak too long, so I assume my church does too.

  11. Erik Cooper says:

    Always a little bit longer than I thought it would be. Sometimes it’s like World Cup soccer, all that running around for about 14 seconds of highlights.

    Seriously…about 30-35 minutes. Any longer than that, I’m boring myself.

  12. I’d say about 25 minutes…maybe a little more…I’d like to shorten that. Back in the day, I did “spoken word” open mike. If you got 15 minutes, you were real, real fortunate. I know from that experience that one can pack a lot of “punch” into not much time.

  13. Georges says:

    I’m at about 50 but really want to bring it down to 35-40 max.

  14. rg21 says:

    Should I be ashamed? Hadn’t preached in a year and including prayer went 63 minutes. :( But I warned them beforehand I would go long, does that help? I think I could have gotten it down to 50, but had little time to trim it.

  15. J Hill says:

    A proud 60-70 minutes! I was raised on 2 hour sermons do this ain’t nothing.

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