Scott Hodge


Youth Pastor Gone Wild

Jul 29, 2008

You gotta love it.  But you have to admit…he recovered pretty well!

Indoor Motorcycle Wheelie Goes Bad – Watch more free videos

10 Responses to “Youth Pastor Gone Wild”

  1. I hope their insurance company isn’t watching this. :)

  2. Kevin Davis says:

    That is awesome. I was just saw a youtube video of a youth pastor slip – pretty funny stuff.

  3. carl Thomas says:

    That’s what he thinks about the product table!

  4. Joni says:

    Love it! Perhaps there will be a youth ministry work day gotten out of it.

  5. Morehart says:

    TAAAAA DAAAAA!!!!!!!

  6. …and that’s how Pastor Johnny became the assistant vice president of royal rangers.

  7. Mark Bennardo says:

    Anybody who would drive a motorcycle through a crowd is an idiot. But still, the clip made me laugh.

  8. You gotta love youth ministers

  9. S. Pihlaja says:

    You know you’re doing it right when you can’t tell if it’s a circus or a church.

  10. Anna Hammond says:

    Saweet. We have been looking for some fantabulous new ideas for Orchard.Students. This is insano perfect!

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