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Yum Yum Dim Sum

Aug 28, 2006

Getting ready to hit the road to Chicago’s Chinatown with my Uncle Bob from St. Louis.  Today I get to introduce him to the great Chinese tradition of dim sum.  So that means that a visit to The Phoenix is in order – the BEST dim sum in Chicago! 

In case you aren’t familiar with what dim sum is, it is a traditional Chinese brunch/lunch that is served in small portions and consists of anything from homemade dumplings (shu mai) and steamed dishes such as rice wrapped in lotus leaves stuffed with bbq pork or Chinese Sausage. 

Typically, you don’t order off of a menu when having dim sum.  Instead, carts full of different types of dim sum are brought by your table which you point and shake your head at indicating whether or not you want to try it.  (I prefer it this way since you can SEE what you are going to be eating before ordering it!)

So, while we’re eating it, you can read about it!  Here are a few dim sum links:

From my old blog (
Saturday Dim Sum (with photos)

Other Link:
Some pictures of dim sum

6 Responses to “Yum Yum Dim Sum”

  1. Dave Anasco says:

    I love this stuff. There are some pretty good places to get dim sum here in the Philippines, but my favorite place to get this is on the streets of Hong Kong, especially the sauces for dipping.

  2. Los says:

    I’m hungry now.

  3. Misty says:

    Ok – Now I really think I need to make a trip to the city!!! I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve NEVER been to Chicago, so needless to say – I’m a Chicago virgin.

  4. Abe says:

    Man, I remember Dim Sum in Chicago. That was the first time I’d had it. I’ve been craving it again lately.

  5. Tim says:

    More Dim Sum locations at:

  6. bob kerico says:

    Thanks again for the memorable trip to China and Italia ‘ville in Chitown. enjoyed every moment of it, food was wunderbar and it was a special time with special memories at the deli and national Ital Sports Hall of Fame.
    Got home around one in the morning after stopping at the Starbux in your hood and for gas in Plainfield. Easy drive to B’ville.Let’s do it again.
    Love to all,
    Bob and Judy

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