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Zombie Free Zone

Jan 30, 2006
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This post by Mark Batterson really struck a chord with me today.  Here are some samples:

I’m so grateful for a church where I can be myself.

There is so much pretense in so many churches. There is an image to uphold. It’s like a game of charades that never ends!

The church ought to be a place where people can most be themselves.

Great stuff…  And as I thought about this it immediately took me back to a recent series at the Orchard where I made mention that this is the first church that I have ever worked at (or even regularly attended) where I feel 100% excited about inviting any of my unchurched friends to. 

And don’t get me wrong – I have worked and been a part of some great churches; but never have I been a part of a church that not only makes it easy for unchurched people to understand and make sense of things, but who also has a natural love and concern for people – regardless of where they might be at in their spiritual journey.  And this is why a person who is looking to be a part of a church community where everyone sounds the same, looks the same and is at the same place in their journey – will probably quickly realize that the Orchard is not a good place for them. 

Thanks for the great post Mark!

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  1. The things that you mentioned are definitely things that I have appreciated about your church.
    Maybe God will bring us to Chicago some day so we can be a part of the move of God at The Orchard.

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